Everett | 19 Weeks

Well hello there again! It seems like once you have a baby, somebody pushes the fast forward button and just holds it down. I can’t believe little Everett is almost 4 1/2 months now! Time has certainly flown by. Everett is changing so fast every day, it amazes me what he can do now. He’s gotten really good at holding his head up and LOVES to roll from his back to his tummy. During the past week, he found his feet and those toes can’t stop going into his mouth! He’s also quite a talker. In the morning he’ll jabber about something and smile, and sometimes jabber about something before going to sleep (depending on how eventful his day was – he’s got a lot to say!) 🙂

I’ve been back at work for a little over a month now and the first week was definitely the hardest. It was the first time I was away from Everett longer than a couple of hours and it just broke my heart! Looking back, I probably should have done a trial day at daycare just so I could get my emotions in check before heading straight to the office after leaving my first born with strangers for a full day. Thankfully, Everett seems to adore daycare. He loves to watch the other babies crawl and play. The daycare ladies even call him “their baby” and love to hold him. Finding a place that takes good care of Everett and one that he enjoys is such a relief! 90% of the time when I drop Everett off, he never watches me leave. And there have been no tears (on his part) when I leave. My first day back in the office after 3 1/2 months of maternity leave I bawled pretty much every single time someone said, “Welcome Back!” I was just counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until I could run to hold Everett again! When I finally got to the daycare to pick him up on his first day, he was fast asleep. The daycare ladies said, “Oh you can come back and get him later.” WHAT?!! COME BACK??? After I have waited over 9 grueling hours to hold my little boy?? Needless to say, I woke the poor child up and took him home!

After seeing that Everett was still alive and well after the first day (and that he obviously didn’t miss me as much as I missed him) 😉 it got easier to drop him off. I was thankfully only doing the ugly cry on my drive to work for the first three days.

I was expecting Everett to catch a bug or two when he first started daycare. Sure enough, that first week he got pretty congested. By the end of the second week, he had a full blown cold. By the end of the third week, we were already at the Pediatrician with a positive confirmation on a possible ear infection. 😦 Everett seems to have recovered just fine, even though he’s still a little congested – he also likes to share his germies with me, so I’ve been congested/fighting a cold for the past couple of weeks. Oh, the price you pay for having a kid in daycare!

I was worried about our breastfeeding relationship once Everett started going to daycare. Would he take his bottles okay? Would I be able to pump enough at work to keep up with his demand? Where WAS I going to pump at work? Happily everything has seemed to work out perfectly. My boss worked out the approval for me to use our company’s breakroom (our office is really small with only 23 people) and even ordered me a nice little “Do Not Disturb Sign” and got a lock put on the breakroom door for my pumping sessions. What a relief! I try my best to schedule my pumping sessions so they are not inconvenient to my co-workers, like smack dab in the middle of lunch hour. I will say, since returning to work and because I don’t feed Everett on demand during the day like I did during my maternity leave, I’ve had 4 plugged ducts within the past 4 weeks. OUCH! Ugh, but these little hurdles will not deter me. I’m proud of myself for making it this long breastfeeding (and now while working!) that we’ll certainly plan to go to 6 months and if I can make a year, that would be my ultimate goal!

I wish I could update my blog on a normal basis, but time is just so limited these days. On a usual workday, my schedule looks a little something like this:

6:30-7:00 am – Wake up/half feed Everett (he’s usually still conked out)
7:00-7:30 am – Get myself ready and dressed/try to feed Everett again before leaving
7:30ish am – Put Everett in his car seat, start grabbing the 5 bags necessary for the day (my pump, Everett’s bag of milk, etc) and load the car
7:45 am – Grab keys to walk out the door, hear THE loudest fart rip across the room. Change Everett. (Every.single.day he poops nearly as soon as I put him the carseat. I have learned to expect this now and to not get him all buckled in until the very last minute)
7:50 am – FINALLY get out the door
8:00 am – drop Everett off at daycare
8:05 am – Fight school traffic on my way to work
8:30ish – Arrive at work
8:30 am – 5 pm – Whistle while I work, do do do do do do do… And fit in 3 pumping sessions during the day
5:00 pm – leave and fight the evening traffic to daycare
5:30 – 5:45 pm – Finally get to daycare and see Everett’s cute little face!! (Best part of my day)
6:00 – 6:45 pm – Come home and feed Everett, Everett eats then naps in my arms. I’m in no hurry to put the boy down so I hold him as long as possible. 🙂
7:00ish pm – Start making dinner/try to prep for next day, wash bottles, make my breakfast and lunch for the next day
7:45ish – 8:00 pm – Eat dinner
8:30 pm – Feed Everett again
9:00 pm – Shower and head to bed, usually feeding Everett between 9:30 and 10pm again…
10:30 pm – PASS OUT and get ready to do it all over again…………

(not included – the times at night I get up to feed Everett. I usually end up feeding him in bed, and I’m so exhausted, I just keep him there with me. Bad habits, I know!! Also, Ralph is usually already gone to work by the time I even wake up in the morning, so morning duty is all me.)

As you can see, my free time (What is THAT?) is so limited these days! On the weekends, I want to spend as much time as possible with my little munchkin and play with him to make up for the hours lost during the week. So far this schedule is working okay. I think the perfect balance would be working part-time, but alas, I do not want to give up my full-time pay for that.

Even though the past month has been super busy, there are so many firsts I am looking forward to! We have our first beach trip as a family coming up soon, Everett’s first Halloween, and first Christmas! (I’m totally more excited about this Christmas than any of the others I’ve had!) 🙂 I’m planning to introduce solid foods around 6 months which should also be fun (and messy!)

And now for some photos!

Baths are fun now…

Bella, Everett’s second mom…Everett-5

Everett rolling over for one of the first times at 3 months. His lack of hair cracks me up! Gone is all the black hair and now he has a bunch of light brown hair.

Everett Rolls Over! from Jennifer Catalan on Vimeo.

Everett’s 3 Month Photos (taken by me)Everett-3 months-1

Everett-3 months-2

Everett-3 months-3

Everett-3 months-4

Everett-3 months-5

Everett-3 months-6

Everett on the left at 3 Months, Me on the Right at 3 Months = TWINSIES! (Everett did get his gorgeous long eyelashes and fair skin from his daddy!)IMG_0951

Cheering on the DAWGS!IMG_1013

We have found our feet AND our toes! IMG_1034


Everett | 8 Weeks

I am still around! It’s funny how such a little human being can take up so much of your free time. Today Everett is 8 weeks old ::huge FAT tear:: Where do I even begin to update what has happened over the past several weeks? The days have quickly turned into weeks and now everything seems like such a blur. Aside from the typical baby routine of eat, sleep, poop, and repeat, Everett has started cooing and smiling during the last week or so. (Insert melting heart here.) He’s also officially outgrown his newborn clothes ::more tears:: and weighs about 12.5 lbs now. I’m so happy he’s healthy and growing well though I wish there was a way to stop time so I could literally soak up every waking moment with him!

There are so many things I’ve had to figure out with a newborn – for example, I’ve never scarfed down a meal faster than now since he always seems to be hungry right as I sit down to eat. Errands with a little baby take massive planning. Even a quick trip to the mall is strategically planned to go through as many automatic doors and thinking of parking spots in advance so that I won’t have to deal with stairs. Oh, and my whole schedule pretty much revolves around when this little guy eats, which seems to be every hour and a half these days, so everything I need to get done is always in countdown mode! 🙂 I’m not complaining one bit though, motherhood has been wonderful so far.

A few photos from our life during the past 8 weeks…


Everett’s First Car Ride Home

Please excuse the shirtless Ralph but this picture is too funny. I gave Ralph a onesie and pants to put on Everett and this is how Ralph dressed him during the first week at home. LOL


Daddy Dressed Me!


First Pediatrician Appointment


First Bath




One Month Old!

Everett-3I successfully ventured to Target with Everett for a quick trip when he was about 5 weeks old. I carried him in the store like this so he wouldn’t get germy. 🙂 He was a little upset in the photo, obviously. Ha ha…


The Only Way Mom Gets Things Done


Helping Mom Cook Dinner

My heart literally explodes with love and happiness when I look at this little boy. 🙂

Everett – 7 Weeks from Jennifer Catalan on Vimeo.

Newborn Photos

Hi. My name is Jennifer. J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R. And I have an addiction… of taking photos of my baby. HA! 🙂 I finally got around to editing some of Everett’s newborn photos, and wow… he has already changed so much since the first week when these were taken. Life has been so busy with a newborn! I’ve been wanting to do a post about Everett’s first month – hopefully I can get around to it soon now that he’s almost 6 weeks old! This little boy makes my heart melt…
















Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas! Nothing can ever prepare you for motherhood and all the hard work that comes with the “MOM” title. As a new mother, I can fully appreciate all that my mom and other mothers do! 🙂 I hope all the moms are able to take some time for themselves today and relax or do whatever it is they like to do. We all deserve it!

I’ve had a wonderful first Mother’s Day so far – Ralph made breakfast (even though it was cut a little short due to someone deciding they were hungry RIGHT then) and brought me some beautiful roses. I also got to take a glorious shower today! Sushi is on the menu tonight and I can’t wait!


Everett | A Birth Story

My due date of April 19th came and went without any sign that labor was in the near future. On my last doctor’s appointment on the 18th, the midwife confirmed that we were still looking at an induction date of April 28th if nothing happened before then. She gave me some advice on how to start labor naturally like drinking red raspberry leaf tea, using evening primrose oil, and walking. I was already 2-3 cm dilated at that point and she said my body would be more favorable for an induction if I could get to 4 cm on my own. I went ahead and scheduled the next appointment before the tentative induction for the biophysical profile on April 26th. The midwife said she doubted I’d make it to then without going into labor, but I still had my doubts. I was absolutely certain that I would have to be induced.

Before hopping into bed on Tuesday night, the 23rd, I said to Ralph “I think it’s going to be a long night.” I hadn’t felt well all day, mostly cramping and extremely fatigued. I had cramping off and on for a few weeks before and had heard that cramping could lead up to contractions. At 11:45 Tuesday night, I woke up to the most intense contraction and ran to the bathroom. The contraction finally subsided and I got back in bed when about an hour later I felt another contraction coming. The pain would start in my back then wrap around to my front lower abdomen. Pretty painful but in the back of my mind, I thought “I’ve read stories where contractions like this taper off and it’s just false labor…” Another hour goes by and I get another strong contraction. I decide it’s time to start timing them using my handy dandy contraction app on my phone. Sure enough, contractions are now coming in spurts of 10 minutes averaging about a minute long. Now I’m beginning to feel the start of “back labor.” To say having back labor is similar to a bad backache is no comparison. This back pain was excruciating! No longer were the contractions wrapping around to my front, it was all concentrated in my lower back. UGH! After several contractions, I decided to wake Ralph up around 2:00 am and said to him, “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having contractions for the past couple of hours… you might not want to go into work today.” I think that woke him up for good!

I timed the contractions for another few hours, which were gradually getting closer and closer together lasting about a minute long. I was back and forth to the bathroom with each contraction, finally vomiting up my dinner from the night before. I knew then this was turning into the real thing! Not nearly sleeping a wink that night, I decided it was time to call my OB/GYN office when the contractions were getting 6 painful minutes apart at 6:30 am. The doctors recently moved to a different office building the previous week so when I called the main number, I got a recorded message to call a different number. I call that number and get another recorded message to call another number. Panic starts to set in as I begin to worry how I’m going to reach my doctor to tell them I’m in labor! Finally I hang on the line to one of the recorded messages and end up reaching the on call nurse. After a few questions about the pregnancy, she asks for my date of birth. I tell her April 24th… She laughed and wished me a happy birthday and said she would leave a message for the doctor on call. Not 5 minutes later, I receive a phone call back from the doctor and after describing my symptoms he tells me to go ahead to the hospital and he’ll be there shortly.

The doctor on call was not my main doctor I had seen throughout my pregnancy and I was so hoping to have the midwife at my OB/GYN office deliver me. After packing the car and Ralph deciding he wanted to take a shower before leaving (!!) I noticed my contractions were slowly starting to space out. Driving to the hospital in rush hour morning traffic, I only had about 4 contractions from the time we left the house and arrived to the hospital. We finally get checked in and into a room while the nurse starts hooking me up to the monitors and confirmed I was already about 3-4 cm dilated and about 90% effaced. At about 8:30 am, I received a voicemail from the midwife. She didn’t know whether I was at the hospital yet and if I wasn’t, if I wanted to come into the office to get checked out first. I immediately called her back and told her I was already admitted at the hospital. She said she would come on over at lunchtime to check me out. WHEW!! I was so excited there was a huge possibility she would now deliver me! I asked the nurse what other pain management options I had aside from the epidural and she told me she could give me some pain relief through an IV that would only last about an hour. The IV was put in with a hep-lock so I would still be mobile. I will admit – getting the IV hurt REALLY bad! I decided to hold off on the pain medicine for a little bit and try and get things progressing naturally. Ralph and I walked through the hallways thought the morning hoping to help speed things along. Every now and then I would get another strong contraction but they were definitely slowing down unlike what I was experiencing earlier that morning. I finally decided to get the pain medicine though the IV… I also had every intention of getting an epidural but I have a confession – getting the epidural was one of the things I was dreading the most during labor. Sticking something in between your vertebrae and having to remain motionless was freaking me out!

An important side note to interject here – I was EXTREMELY emotional and hormonal throughout the entire day. It could have been the combination of the lack of sleep and the intense lower back pain, the thought that this baby was coming today whether I was ready or not, and that my and Ralph’s lives were about to be changed completely. Anytime the labor and delivery nurse would ask how I was doing or if Ralph asked if I needed anything, I would start bawling or at the very least, tearing up. I was a mess!

Around lunchtime, my midwife came in and checked me out. I was already at 5 cm by then and our plan was to get the epidural whenever I wanted it, and that she would call back in a few hours to check on my status. She confirmed that the baby was OP (occiput posterior) which means the back of his skull was against my tailbone rather than his face which results in a baby being born “sunny side up.” Laboring when the baby is in this position is extremely uncomfortable and painful for the mom, resulting in “back labor.” The midwife said we could try a few different things to try and get the baby turned around before delivering and sometimes the baby would just turn naturally beforehand. I was hoping for the latter! My midwife also confirmed that my water had already broken and asked if I had felt a gush of fluid earlier. I told her I never even felt my water break or noticed anything odd since I came to the hospital. It surely couldn’t have broken at home beforehand – so how and when it broke remains a mystery! About 2:00pm, I went ahead and faced my fears and got the epidural before the pain got to be too much for me to handle. The nurses made Ralph sit to the side in front of me and he said when he saw the needle for the epidural, he was scared for me since he knows what happens when I see looooong needles like that! The epidural man was very efficient in administering it and explained everything that he was doing and what I would feel. After getting it, the epidural was almost nearly painless compared to the IV I got earlier! I could feel the numbing beginning in my left leg and the midwife and nurses had decided to try and prop one of my legs up in the leg holder on the bed while laying on my side to hopefully get the baby to turn on its own. By this time, I’m exhausted and haven’t eaten anything except a banana on the way to the hospital. I was only allowed ice chips. I tried to get some rest and got to nap for about 30-45 minutes. The epidural was heaven. I could see the contractions on the monitor but couldn’t feel anything.

Everett Birth-1

As the afternoon went on, I was ready to get the show on the road and have this baby so I could at least eat a decent dinner for my birthday. The midwife came back to the hospital around 4pm and tried rolling me on my side nearly on my belly (while my leg was still suspended in the air!) during each contraction to see if it would help the baby turn. After another cervix check, I was about 8 cm. The midwife confirmed that the baby was “right there” and she could already feel the hair on his head! I still had a little ways to go before I was ready to push and the midwife said she would come back and check on me after dinner. Before she left, she pumped up the pitocin in hopes of getting me to 10 cm as quickly as possible. My memory is pretty foggy on what exactly happened during the next few hours but I remember going from not feeling any painful contractions to feeling the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Ralph, being the good husband he is, tried massaging my lower back as each contraction came at what felt like every 30 seconds. I was SO ready to get this baby out of me!

When the midwife returned at 8:00 pm, her cell phone rang and she told me that the main doctor at the practice, Dr. A, was at the hospital for a meeting and was calling her back. The midwife said she was going to try to get Dr. A to come check me out to give her opinion on my status. It was possible that Dr. A could manually turn the baby if I was far enough dilated. But first she wanted me to do a few practice pushes to see if the baby would move during the birth canal. No such luck – the midwife said he wasn’t descending as I pushed. Dr. A comes into my room a few moments later and checks me out saying that the baby is still OP. With me still hanging onto 8 cm, there was no way to turn him. She told me I basically had two options: I could try and labor for a little longer hoping things would progress, but it was a high likelihood that I could be in labor for 5 more hours and have no change, only to end up more exhausted with the need of interventions, or I could opt for a c-section and get the baby out within the next 30 minutes. She left the room so Ralph and I could discuss what we wanted to do and that’s when I lost it. After nearly 21 hours of labor, having a c-section had not even crossed my mind. Throughout the latter part of my pregnancy, this baby was so low and in the right position for everything to happen naturally I assumed a c-section would totally be out of the question. At 8:55 pm, Dr. A walked back in the room and I told her sobbing that we’d like go ahead with the c-section. She assured me that this was the best choice for the baby and me. The midwife also confirmed that by having Dr. A do the c-section, I would have the tiniest, most perfect incision and Dr. A was the best at surgery. Everything that happened next was a blur. Within 5 minutes, the anesthesiologist was called in to prep me, Ralph was handed his scrubs, and I was given the numbing drugs for the surgery.

Ralph looking stylish in his scrub gear :)

Ralph looking stylish in his scrub gear 🙂

The journey to the operating room seemed to take 20 minutes, I only remember being wheeled through endless corridors then looking back and seeing Ralph in his scrubs head to another hallway to drop off our labor bags. The anesthesiologist (who was one of the nicest men I’ve met!) was at my head the entire time throughout the surgery and I remember shaking uncontrollably due to the medicine. I’m also crying at this point (AGAIN – crazy hormones) and then I see Ralph come over and sit beside me. Having a c-section is the weirdest feeling, you are still conscious and know you are being cut open but can only feel tons of pressure in your abdomen. I do remember Dr. A saying that the baby didn’t want to come out and his head was deep in the birth canal. The anesthesiologist told Ralph if he wanted to peek over the sheet to watch his son being born and Ralph took up the offer! Why he’d want to watch, I’ll never know. Finally after more tugging and pulling, baby Everett Rafael was born at 9:33 pm weighing 8.1 lbs, 21 inches long. I heard him cry as they took him over to be cleaned up but hadn’t had a chance to see him yet. Ralph left my side to go take photos and meet his new son. The nurses finally brought Everett over to me and I couldn’t believe that we had finally become a family of three.

Everett's here!

Everett’s here!

Everett Birth-4

My First Time meeting Everett

Everett Birth-5

A Family of 3

More tears came (for the 546th time that day) and Dr. A worked on putting me back together while Everett got a more thorough scrubbing. I remember feeling so nauseous as my organs were being moved around and I told the anesthesiologist that I needed to throw up. Vomiting is the last thing I can recall before I remember coming to in the recovery room. I got to nurse Everett for a few minutes and then he was handed to Ralph. One of the first things I remember after really meeting Everett was that I couldn’t believe the amount of hair on my baby’s head! Neither Ralph nor I were born with as much hair as this child has. The nurse who was attending to me in the recovery room said I was running a fever so she was working on trying to stabilize my temperature before I could be released to the postpartum room, worried that I might have developed an infection. She brought me some ice chips, my birthday dinner, to help lower my temperature and slowly my temperature came down. Shortly before 1am, we were finally moved to a postpartum room. The nurses asked Ralph if he could carry the bags of our stuff while the two nurses pushed my bed through the hospital. We start the trek to our room and get down the first hallway when Ralph asks one of the nurses who is bringing the baby to the room. The nurse turns around and says “The BABY!! You’re supposed to bring him!” I wanted to laugh so hard but my incision was already beginning to hurt. We hadn’t even left the recovery ward and we’ve already forgotten the baby!

It was another night of little sleep and so surreal that we now had a little baby to take care of. I remember Everett waking up multiple times during the night and trying to feed him – but quickly learned that breastfeeding is a skill to be learned by both baby AND mom! It was already over 24 hours with no sleep for both Ralph and I so I asked one of the nurses if they would take Everett to the nursery for just a few hours so Ralph and I could get some uninterrupted sleep. During my pregnancy, I had always questioned those moms who would send their kids to the nursery after just having met their babies. But having a couple of hours of precious sleep I knew would do me (and everyone else!) some good after such an emotional day.

The first couple of days at the hospital were pretty rough recovery-wise but thankfully I had some great pain medication that helped tremendously. Ralph was also a huge help in doing everything from helping me out of bed to going home in the wee morning hours and doing laundry and walking the dogs, to jumping up to soothe Everett every time he cried during the night. I bought the “Happiest Baby on the Block” DVD for Ralph to watch before the birth and Ralph quickly picked up the talent of swaddling and soosh-ing during our 4 days at the hospital. The nurses and staff at the hospital were all fantastic! Breastfeeding was, and still is, a challenge but the lactation consultants (LC) at the hospital came in twice to see me and offered super helpful advice. I loved that the LC’s were very into making Ralph help with the breastfeeding, more so showing him how to make me comfortable before feeding and demonstrating how the baby is supposed to latch. As I tried to nurse on my own during the first few days, Ralph could see how extremely frustrating it was to me when Everett would not latch on correctly. Beforehand Ralph assumed the baby came out of the womb knowing how to nurse. I think he finally realized how much work breastfeeding really is! Ralph has been so hands on helping with anything Everett or I need, it’s been amazing to watch him be a great father. Little Everett is a very lucky guy to have such a wonderful dad.

Overall, my pregnancy was thankfully uneventful, and fairly easy. After my experience with labor and delivery the pain that I remember feeling is slowly fading from my memory each day. I’m so thankful that I had such dedicated doctors who came in and helped deliver me on their days off. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the care and attention I received if it had not been for those two wonderful ladies. It all wasn’t as bad I as thought it would be and there is no doubt in my mind that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat when I look at Everett’s perfect little face. It’s true what moms say, the pain is totally worth it in the end. And I think I’m pretty lucky too to share my birthday with this new little man in my life. Though when he’s older, don’t think I won’t remind him every year how I spent my birthday in labor for him… 😉 But for now, I’m enjoying being a new mom and getting used to our new life as a family of three.

Everett Birth-8

Nursery Reveal!

Time for the nursery reveal! Before I knew we were having a boy, I knew I wanted to decorate the nursery in gray, yellow, and white. And with the confirmation of our baby being a little mister, I decided to have some accents of navy in the nursery. Here’s a little mood board that I designed to get some ideas down:

nursery mood board

But first we had to deal with THIS mess below! These photos were taken right after Christmas so that’s half the reason the room was so junky. I made no attempt to straighten up… ha ha




It was quite a bit of work to get it all cleaned out since our house is SO small, our storage space is VERY limited. Even having one extra closet in this house would be really nice… but we bought this house because of location, location, location! After weeks of painting, putting furniture together, and putting up crown molding – the nursery is finally done! Well, about 90% done… we still need to organize one closet and I need to make the mobile to hang over the crib. Here it is!

Nursery After-13

All fabric was purchased from Fabric.com and my mom graciously sewed the curtains, crib skirt, chair pillow, and basket liners for the changing table.

Nursery After-4I found these adorable alphabet wall cards online and framed them above the changing table.

Nursery After-7

Since we’re keeping the name a secret until the birth, I edited a question mark over one of the pieces of artwork that has his first initial. 🙂 We’re going to add his handprints to the yellow painted canvas.

Nursery After-12Most of the artwork is handmade by yours truly except for the cute watercolor elephant print, which was purchased from Etsy. I found an elephant hole puncher and created the shadow box on the upper right hand side. Three of the frames just have colored scrapbook paper and I made the alphabet and “What Boys Are Made Of” prints on my computer.

Nursery After-11

Nursery After-6

Nursery After-10

My aunt made me this beautiful heirloom piece with my dad’s baby gown and mementos:

Nursery After-8

Nursery After-5

Oooh.. look how nice the crown molding looks! Good job, Ralph. 🙂Nursery After-3

Nursery After-2

I was going to put baskets in the cubicle storage, but then I thought we could incorporate the crib skirt fabric into cubby bins! My mom found a cubby bin pattern online and sewed these storage cubes. They turned out so cute!Nursery After-14

Floating shelves were purchased from SmartFurniture.com and cute baby knickknacks are from friends and family.

Nursery After-1

Nursery After-9

I’m really happy with the gray color (Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore) even though it’s hard to tell the exact color in the photos. It’s the perfect shade of light gray. The crib, glider, and changing table were purchased from Target (where else!). All frames and baskets are from Ikea. The side table next to the glider is from Amazon and the white rug is from Overstock.com. Overall I think the nursery turned out really cute! Now all we need is the baby! 🙂

40 Weeks

Well, here we are! Our due date has arrived! I’ve read that only about 5% of babies are born on their due date, and it doesn’t look like this one will fall into that category. The Dr. at my weekly appointment says I’m making good progress though, and we’re estimating serving an official eviction notice on April 28th if nothing happens before then. I have one more Doctor’s appointment scheduled for next Friday which will include a biophysical profile/ultrasound that hopefully will give us a good idea on his actual weight! I’m hoping not to be induced, and the Dr. thinks I’ll go sometime before the 28th – I’m definitely excited to not be pregnant anymore but am still anxious on the whole being a “mom” thing!

Hoping this will be my last “bump” picture! (P.S. Nursery pics to come soon too!)

Jen-40 Weeks

How far along? 40 weeks
Total weight gain: 43 lbs – but the Dr. said I lost a pound this week… sooo….
Maternity clothes? I’m still able to squeeze into a pair of soffe shorts and my medium size men’s tees since the weather has been warm this week – but I’m not leaving the house in this outfit!
Stretch marks? Still haven’t seen one, but I’ve heard they can occur after birth too. Hopefully I’m just lucky!
Best moment this week: I guess it would have to be hearing I’m making progress at my last Dr.’s appointment and confirming that the baby is really low, which I can tell by the tons of pressure I’ve been having. Maybe that means he’s coming soon?
Food cravings: Not really having strong cravings this week.
Movement: He seems to be more of a night owl and likes to sleep in the morning. Hopefully it’ll be easier to get this little guy’s schedule flipped so he sleeps more at night when he arrives!
Miss Anything: Not having to have a pillow supporting my belly anytime I lay down.
Current Symptoms: Still the usual: pelvic pain, swollen feet/hands, backache, fatigue, carpal tunnel in my right hand, bad pregnancy brain…
Have you started to show yet: YES
Gender: A BOY!
Labor Signs: I still haven’t had any contractions (that I know of) but have had cramping and just feeling BLAH lately.
Belly Button in or out? Flat and super stretched innie
Wedding rings on or off? Off
Happy or Moody most of the time: In-between this week.
Looking forward to: Wearing normal clothes again, not having to pee every 5 minutes, sleeping on my stomach and back again, turning over in bed without any pain and without having to adjust all my pillows over and over, eating sushi, having a towel wrap completely around me… the list can go on! And of course I’m excited to meet our little guy soon!! 🙂

39 Weeks

7 days until my due date! Where has all the time gone?? At my weekly checkup yesterday, the Dr. said everyone has already had their babies who were due around the same time as me so I was next! It’s just a matter of when… But until that day comes, I’m definitely enjoying the last few days (or weeks??) of being child-free. Insomnia has started to creep back, it’s probably just because I’m anxious to know when this little boy is going to decide to make his arrival. Our lives are about to be turned upside down, but in a good way. 🙂

Jen-39 Weeks

How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain: 42 lbs
Maternity clothes? Rockin’ maternity yoga pants now everyday.
Stretch marks? Still not a one
Best moment this week: I’d say putting the final touches on the nursery. It’s not 100% complete but close enough… stay tuned for the nursery reveal next week!
Food cravings: Not really craving anything in particular this week… if anything, I’ve felt a little less hungry.
Movement: There was a dance party going on one night this week in my belly.
Miss Anything: Just being comfortable in general. It seems I’m always hot these days and I’m ready to ditch this big ol’ belly. Nothing frustrates me more nowadays than when I drop stuff on the floor, which happens A LOT!
Current Symptoms: The worst symptom this week has been my hand/arm numbness which the Dr. says is carpel tunnel and totally normal during pregnancy. I hate that my arm is numb and tingly the WHOLE day and nothing really makes it better.
Have you started to show yet: YES
Gender: A boy!
Labor Signs: Nothing obvious yet… I just feel pretty crappy some days.
Belly Button in or out? Flat innie
Wedding rings on or off? Even my cheapie rings are tight now 😦
Happy or Moody most of the time: I wouldn’t go as far as saying I was happy this week, but definitely less moody than last.
Looking forward to: Losing all this baby weight and taking walks around the neighborhood (with the baby, of course!) while the weather is nice!

38 Weeks

Last weekend, I turned a corner and BAM! The pregnancy wall hit. I.am.DONE.with.this.already. Thank goodness my job is so flexible to allow me to work from home because I have been super moody and miserable this week. I wish I could go into hibernation and stock up on my sleep before this baby decides to come. I can’t believe my due date is in two weeks, three weeks MAX until we meet our little guy!

Jen-38 Weeks

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain: 41 lbs – I’m hoping this is water weight???
Maternity clothes? Loving not having to really get “dressed” to go into work this week. Maternity yoga pants are my favorite!
Stretch marks? Nothing yet
Best moment this week: Since I was home on one of Ralph’s days off this week, we got to go on a lunch date! I can’t remember the last time we went out for lunch together. 🙂 Definitely one of our last “dates” alone.
Food cravings: I felt like I reined in the sweets craving this week, but obviously my weight gain does not reflect that!
Movement: Tons of hiccups this week! Still lots of stretching… the Dr said he is already pretty low so I don’t know how I’m still getting  rib jabs. I hope he’s not too big!!
Miss Anything: I miss not being in some type of pain everyday. Just rolling over in bed is SUPER painful.
Current Symptoms: Pregnancy brain is killing me these days… I found out I forgot to pay a utility bill LAST month and I completely forgot to put detergent in the laundry when I washed some clothes! It seems two hours is my max I can go walking around/running errands before my feet swell. Pelvic pain has been extra bad this week and my hands and fingers are still numb when I wake up.
Have you started to show yet: YES
Gender: A boy!
Labor Signs: I don’t think I’ve had a contraction yet?
Belly Button in or out? Still as flat as can be
Wedding rings on or off? I don’t even bother anymore…
Happy or Moody most of the time: 100% moody this week.
Looking forward to: Not being pregnant anymore!