Everett | 8 Weeks

I am still around! It’s funny how such a little human being can take up so much of your free time. Today Everett is 8 weeks old ::huge FAT tear:: Where do I even begin to update what has happened over the past several weeks? The days have quickly turned into weeks and now everything seems like such a blur. Aside from the typical baby routine of eat, sleep, poop, and repeat, Everett has started cooing and smiling during the last week or so. (Insert melting heart here.) He’s also officially outgrown his newborn clothes ::more tears:: and weighs about 12.5 lbs now. I’m so happy he’s healthy and growing well though I wish there was a way to stop time so I could literally soak up every waking moment with him!

There are so many things I’ve had to figure out with a newborn – for example, I’ve never scarfed down a meal faster than now since he always seems to be hungry right as I sit down to eat. Errands with a little baby take massive planning. Even a quick trip to the mall is strategically planned to go through as many automatic doors and thinking of parking spots in advance so that I won’t have to deal with stairs. Oh, and my whole schedule pretty much revolves around when this little guy eats, which seems to be every hour and a half these days, so everything I need to get done is always in countdown mode! 🙂 I’m not complaining one bit though, motherhood has been wonderful so far.

A few photos from our life during the past 8 weeks…


Everett’s First Car Ride Home

Please excuse the shirtless Ralph but this picture is too funny. I gave Ralph a onesie and pants to put on Everett and this is how Ralph dressed him during the first week at home. LOL


Daddy Dressed Me!


First Pediatrician Appointment


First Bath




One Month Old!

Everett-3I successfully ventured to Target with Everett for a quick trip when he was about 5 weeks old. I carried him in the store like this so he wouldn’t get germy. 🙂 He was a little upset in the photo, obviously. Ha ha…


The Only Way Mom Gets Things Done


Helping Mom Cook Dinner

My heart literally explodes with love and happiness when I look at this little boy. 🙂

Everett – 7 Weeks from Jennifer Catalan on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Everett | 8 Weeks

      • Ha, my husband hates dressing the girls. He always feels like he’s hurting their soft spots on their heads when he pulls the clothes over them so he mainly leaves the clothes to me. If it were him they’d just be in diapers all day!

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